History and Achievements


In March, 2002, a group of tourism entrepreneurs of La Ceiba met in La Quinta Hotel in La Ceiba to talk with board members of the National Chamber of Tourism of Honduras, CANATURH, with the purpose of learning about the benefits of affiliating to this institution. After the presentation by CANATURH representatives and having carefully analyzed the different options available, the businessmen of La Ceiba made the decision of establishing and becoming the official chapter of CANATURH in this port city, thereby officially establishing the Chamber of Tourism of La Ceiba.

This historic event officially established the first regional chapter of CANATURH, which received its incorporation articles on May 21, 2002, with a total of 13 founding member.

Since its foundation, the Chamber of Tourism of La Ceiba, has tried to influence the daily tourism activities of our city. It has actively participated in important actions such as preparing the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism, The National Eco-Tourism Strategy, The Marketing Committee of the Honduran Tourism Institute and the National Tourism Council.

Among the most important actions lead by the chamber can be highlighted the creation of a Destination Management Work Group, a Public-Private Action in which the municipalities of La Ceiba, El Porvenir and Jutiapa are coordinating, under the leadership of the Chamber, actions to develop and consolidate La Ceiba as a tourism destination.

Also, important to mention is joint work with RECOTURH, the Honduras Tourism Communities’ Network, seeking to strengthen sustainable tourism, including the rural communities in the tourism activities of the destination, assuring from the one hand, the conservation of protected areas in the destination, and from the other, contributing to reducing poverty in the rural zones of our municipalities.

Finally, it is important to point out the chamber’s leadership in actions such as the defense of the Cangrejal River, which is threatened by a hydro electrical Project, as well as the declaration as cultural site of the historic center of La Ceiba and the archeological sites located in the Cangrejal River basin.

We invite businessmen and professionals interested in La Ceiba as a destination to approach our Chamber to join efforts to assure that our port-city will develop in a sustainable manner as a tourism destination.