National Tourism Registration

It is a statistical, programming and regulation instrument for the tourism services that are provided in the country.

Who must register?

All the service providers that directly operate with the tourists such as: tourist guides, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, car rentals, casinos that are located in the high category hotels, resorts, discotheques, air transportation, land transportation and maritime transportation for the exclusive use of the tourism activity, crafts, diving facilities, recreational centers, convention and congress centers.

Why do they need to register?

The Tourism Honduran Institute Act, Decree Number 193-93, published in La Gaceta July 14th, 1993; in its Article 39 establishes that the providers of the tourist services to be able to operate must be registered in the Tourism National Registry.

The Benefits of Belonging to the RNT

    • Access to the statistical information regarding the growth and competence of the geographic zone in where the provider is located.
    • The potential payment affiliation opportunity to the Chamber simultaneously with the registration.
    • On line information for the registration.
    • Obtain more information regarding brochures, current legislation, procedures and registration rates.
    • Inscription to the Tourism Chamber events
    • Legal counseling as well as for the establishment of societies through the CCIT.
    • At the end of each fiscal year, a statistical compendium will be issued, which will specify the percentage growth of their tourist sector as well as of the tourism companies.
    • Access to the information regarding the training services through the different entities such as INFOP and HEM, as well as access to the internal training efforts to be provided by CANATURH to those directly registered to the RNT.
    • Access to the benefits established in the Tourism Incentive Law for the direct tourism services’ providers.
    • They will appear in the CANATURH page as accredited service provider.